Ceyhun Kirimli has a PhD. in Biomedical Engineering with areas of competence in Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biomedical Engineering and Computational Sciences with focus on Development and Design of Biosensors.


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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lecture Notes on Calculus 1 posted by Ceyhun Kirimli

I would like to share a set of lecture notes on Calculus 1. The course is designed for students of science faculty. The topics covered are:
Chapter 1: Review of pre-calculus topics
Chapter 2: Limits and Continuity
Chapter 3: Differentiation
Chapter 4: Mean Value Theorem and its applications
Chapter 5: Introduction to integrals, change of variables
The following notes are hand written and scanned, a typed version is under construction. 

Calculus 1 chapter 1
Calculus 1 chapter 2
Calculus 1 chapter 3
Calculus 1 chapter 4
Calculus 1 chapter 5

These notes were designed and covered for Calculus 1 for Science Students in Lakehead University, Canada in Fall 2013 term.

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