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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Crafts 1

Today, I would like to share a crafts work, which was an old project we had. Everything started when we found the human figures in a street bazaar  in Ayvalik, Turkey. All my family loved the figures but nobody had an idea about what to do with them first. After a brief brainstorming we decided that we want to have these people somewhere visible all the time. (I told you we really liked them). Then we realized the 30 year-old lamp in the balcony, so we had a project: Our figures will somehow become a new lamp for our extremely busy balcony. First we detached all the parts related to electricity from the existing old lamp. Next we found two round metal rings and four metal string to attach the rings to the part holding the bulb. Finally, we (luckily) were able to find thick thread in the same color with our figures. We preferred to knit it loosely both to save time and to have a more exotic style. Unfortunately, although we enjoyed our project a lot (even I helped with the knitting:))) ), somehow we did not take any pictures during crafting.

If you have any questions,please feel free to ask, I would do my best to explain.

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